Sunday, July 10, 2016

Story and Meaning at 10,000

Ten Thousand Visits

     I began this blog in March 2012.  The automatic counter provided by the blogspot software tells me there have been 10012 visits to the site.  Number 10,000 was probably someone from Russia.  (The software also records country of origin.)  There's been a surge of visits from Russia in the last two weeks.
     Ten thousand visits in 52 months is not a lot.  Story and Meaning doesn't rack up readers like sport blogs or pet videos.  Nevertheless, I'm grateful to all of you for checking in.
     If you're curious--of the 10,000 visits, more than 7000 have been from the U.S.  Russia and the Ukraine have both had more than 700, with more than a thousand from other countries (dozens of them).
     I will continue to post new material, either philosophy essays or new fiction.  Responses via email or the comment button are always welcome.

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