Thursday, October 1, 2015

So what now?

     After 174 weeks, Castles finally reached "The End."  Thanks and congratulations to readers who read it all.  Of course, a newbie could web-surf today to "Story and Meaning" and read the whole thing in a day.  Welcome, newbies!  Enjoy!
     Castles as it stands is a draft, not a final copy.  I already know some things that need to change.  For example, more than one reader complained about the Christmas ceremony near the end of book two--fall.  I agree.  The celebration of Christmas on Two Moons should reflect the culture and history of the Old God worshipers of Two Moons, not some informal Protestant church of North America.
     There are relatively minor problems.  Example: the ages of the Mortane children in chapter two are wrong.  To fit her behavior in the rest of the story, Amicia should be sixteen or seventeen.  Aylwin should be twenty, and Milo should be a couple years older than Aylwin.
     I hereby invite readers to suggest other edits/improvements.  You can email me directly (, or you can use the blogspot comment function.  (It comes at the end of every entry.)

     "Story and Meaning" is not just about Castles.  I will post essays, most of them at least loosely related to themes of philosophy and literature.  Naturally, comments will be welcome.  I'm also beginning to work on a second Eleanor Urquhart story, and I might serialize it as I did CastlesMaybe...  Buying the Bangkok Girl has longer chapters than Castles, and that complicates things.

     If you don't know who Eleanor Urquhart is, find a copy of Buying the Bangkok Girl.  I'm sure would love to hear from you.

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