Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Helpful Reader email

Not Enough Time on Skis

    Ron Mock read Castles 108, looked carefully at the map of Tarquint, and raised an objection: four days on skis would not give Marty, Elfric, Eadmar and Teothic enough time to reach a mountain that must be somewhere near the northeast corner of East Lake.  He's right, and I have three things to say about it.
    First, thank you to Ron.  Critical comments are very often helpful.  I will edit chapter 108 and add more days to Marty's expedition.
    Second, a reminder: Castles is a draft.  Once I've "published" the whole story on this blog, I will revise it before seeking a publisher.
    Third, an invitation to the rest of you: I'm always open to suggestions.  Send me emails (psmith@georgefox.edu) or use the comment function on Story and Meaning.

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  1. They could do part of the trip on a boat.