Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Greetings--and an invitation

Merry Christmas! host site for Story and Meaning--provides statistics about site visits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  It's pretty clear that there are about 25 regular visitors to the blog; every Thursday the number of site visits jumps as you all log in to read the latest chapter of Castles.  That's not a lot of readers, but it's plenty to keep me enthusiastic about the project.
    I remind everyone that Castles is a draft.  When the whole story is told, I intend to rewrite it and submit it to a publisher.  That doesn't mean the final version will differ radically from what you're reading on the blog, but it does mean there will be improvements before we're all done.
    Notice that I just wrote: "before we're all done."  There are at least two dozen of you who regularly read Castles.  Why shouldn't I allow you to make suggestions about the story?  It's my book.  I will make the final decisions and take responsibility for what goes into it.  But by this time you readers probably know Marty, Ora, and the other main characters pretty well.  So you have ideas about what they should do.  Or maybe you don't know them as well as you'd like, and you wish the story would explain certain things.
    Every blog post in Story and Meaning has a place for you to post comments.  I invite you to make suggestions, ask questions, and point out weaknesses or inconsistencies in Castles.
    I also have a request.  If you enjoy reading Castles, share the blog with a friend.


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