Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book One? Really?

How long is this thing, anyway?

    Regular readers of this blog may feel dismayed when they read, at the end of the fifty-fifth chapter: "Here ends part one of Castles."  How many parts are there?  At one chapter per week, this could take years!  How long is this thing, anyway?  Perhaps you thought the story should be moving toward its climax, and now you worry that it may go on forever.
    I suppose it's possible that other readers will welcome the idea that Castles has a long way to go.  Visits to Story and Meaning have been slowly increasing, which means that people keep coming back to it.  And that means (I tell myself) that some of you like it. 
    Do not fear!  Castles will end, of course.  I've told Karen how it ends, and she approves.  Apparently, it doesn't take a lot of positive feedback for me to keep writing--so long as Karen likes it, I keep plugging along.  Readers may note that Book One is called "Summer."

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