Friday, May 3, 2013

Transitioning to Summer

Spring Commencement at George Fox University is tomorrow.

     That means I'm busy grading the last sheaf of tests and papers of the spring semester.  When I've finished, I will move into summer mode: write, write, write.
     In philosophy, I write mostly in virtue theory.  My last philosophy book, Why Faith is a Virtue, has been accepted by Wipf & Stock and should appear later this year.  Having put that project to bed, I plan to turn my attention to the virtue of hope.  "And now abide faith, hope, and love," wrote the apostle.  I've done books on love and faith, so now it's time to think about hope.
     Most of you who visit this site regularly do so to keep up with Castles.  (The host program counts visitors.  It's gratifying to see the readership growing, albeit slowly.)  I intend to write at least 40 more chapters of Castles this summer.  I need to have a big cache on hand by summer's end to get me through the next school year.  If any of you have questions or comments about the story I'd be happy to read them, and with a summer schedule I can respond.
     Meanwhile, today I sent Deb Staples, the kindly and encouraging owner-editor of SynergEbooks, the cover art for Buying the Bangkok Girl.  BBG will be available for purchase as an ebook from Synerge (and all the standard outlets: Amazon, etc.) this month.

A big thank you to Sue O'Donnell, Liz O'Donnell, and Jonathan Bradshaw, who helped with the cover!

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