Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eleanor Gets a Home

SynergEbooks and Buying the Bangkok Girl

    Most readers of this blog already know that The Heart of the Sea, my first novel, was published as an ebook by  I owe Deb Staples much thanks for accepting that book and for her steady encouragement to market my fiction.  Story and Meaning is partly a result of Deb's prodding.  I figure that if I can attract readers to the blog, some of them may try ebooks in other formats (including remunerative ones!).
    Drum roll, please.  My announcement: SynergEbooks will soon publish Buying the Bangkok Girl.  I still have to do some final editing, and Deb has to load it onto Synerge's website (which will make it available through a variety of outlets), so it will be a few weeks before you can buy it.  Don't worry!  I'll be sure to post announcements here.  Eleanor Urquhart and Debbie Apple can hardly wait; they have been cooped up in my computer memory for too long!

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