Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's Saturday, and I forgot to post this week's chapter in Castles.  My excuse is that I've been very, very busy.  For one thing, Wipf & Stock has agreed to publish Why Faith is a Virtue, so I've started the business of rewriting crucial parts.  Meanwhile, the department of religious studies is preparing a proposal to revamp virtually all our courses; since I'm the chair, this means a lot of work.  And I have classes to teach . . . You don't really want to read all my excuses.

But maybe this will restore me to your good graces.  James Yang has been working on maps!  I've seen the first draft of one of them (the map of Herminia), and I'm very excited.  So be looking for this addition to the blog soon.

I'll put up chapter 17 in a few minutes, and try very hard to remember to post 18 next Thursday.

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