Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does the "comment" function work?

    I've had several people--well, four--send me emails with questions or comments on Castles.  Two people have sent comments to the blog, but those comments don't seem to show up.  So I'm wondering: is the comment feature not working?  If you have tried to post a comment in response to any post on this blog and it didn't show up, please email me (psmith@georgefox.edu).  It's possible--actually, quite likely--that I've not set up the controls properly.  But a new school year will begin soon, and that means I'll have the help of Internet experts; i.e. students in the office.
    I also plan, with student help, to prepare pdf maps, which will help readers of Castles follow the story.  Karen (my number one reader, who unlike the rest of you has already read 35 chapters) thinks I might need to add a more complete guide to characters' locations.  I'm more eager to write more of the story than make appendices, but Karen's advice is pretty important.  So maybe.
    It would be wonderful if "Story and Meaning" could become a place where readers could comment on each others' ideas and questions.  And discuss Castles, naturally.   But that won't happen unless the comment function works.


  1. I'm pretty sure it still didn't work last time I tried, but I'll give it another try for you here.

  2. Suddenly it seems to be working! Thank you Jenn & Ryan.