Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who's who in Castles

    Castles has a long list of characters, and the action plays out over large areas of Two Moons.  (That's the name of the planet, as Marty finds out eventually.)  Therefore, as an aid to readers, I will create a new page on the blog, titled "Who's Who?  Who's Where?"  This page simply lists all the characters of Castles in the order in which they are first mentioned.  It has 36 names from the first half dozen chapters.  I'll add more names to the list as characters appear in later chapters.
    Readers will also need maps of Tarquint and Herminia.  (Don't worry, place names will become familiar in a few weeks.)  I'm working on this problem, but it might not get solved until September.
    Tomorrow is Thursday, so you'll get chapter eight.  Enjoy.

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